Into the Jungle!

  • This Pumpkin stood about 10-11 foot high and had a diameter of about 8 feet

  • Over 900 balloons were used including the ones used for the colored chains

  • 42 man hours were needed to create this sculpture

  • The sculpture was a huge success and lasted long after the event

Here's what our client had to say:  "That Pumpkin was a show stopper! We are so grateful to you and your family for creating our centerpiece for the Great Pumpkin Party" Pastor Donne and the EGC Staff

What type of Show Stopper can Balloon Mania create for you?

This was such a fun piece to create for a Jungle themed room. 



Large Sculptures like this are great for any special occasion or could be used to promote any business.

Balloons will always draw a crowd, and make for great photo opportunities.

Multiple sculptures were made for this design including:  An Elephant, giraffe, Snake, alligator and a Parrot. 

Let me work with you to create a design that fits your theme and budget. Something that will surely wow all those who attend your event.